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Yes, I'm a natural blue!

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Yes, I'm a Natural Blue!
Welcome to naturalbluicons! You can call me Blu. This is where I will post the icons, headers, and other various graphics that I make. Feel free to have a look around! Expect icons from disney fandoms, anime, books, movies, video games, pretty much whatever strikes me. Why am I nauralbluicons? My name comes from the Disney/Pixar movie Finding Nemo, and at one point while sleep talking, Dory mumbles "Yes, I'm a natural blue..." This has always made me smile. :)

What were those guidelines again?
* As Crush would say, comments are sweet!
* Please don't hotlink the graphics, save them, then you can upload them to tinypic or photobucket!
* Please don't alter my graphics. Requests are welcome!
* Nominations are totally sweet! They make my big blue world brighter.
* Credit to naturalbluicons is really nice, and helps other people find me if they like what they see.

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Layout by moony_blues @ moonydoodles
Header by naturalbluicons, image from Finding Nemo
Tiny Icons courtesy julzroguenine and the Tiny Icon Generator.

I am the creator and mod at disneychrtricon.